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Not all themes are created equal, but when it comes to our themes, we have put in a lot of effort and work into it to make sure you have the best of both speed and feature and do not settle for just one.

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A great product without an equally great support team is rather useless. You just don’t want the product but also the support that helps you DO THINGS. We take our support seriously and average response time is under an hour.

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The design is subjective, but there is a fine line that differentiates bad and good design. We are most definitely under the later. How can we say that? We don’t. Our clients do that for us with their wonderful reviews.


SEO is something that will take your site places. SEO is not just about content but also how your theme is built. We made sure SEO was the primary focus when we created our product. Let that love flow in.

Google Fonts

Our themes support Google Fonts. What does that mean for you? This means you have over 300 fonts to choose from and the power is in your hand. Choose different fonts for different text. Make them Bling!

Well Built

A building is as strong as it’s base. This is why we spent 6 months or our time getting the base right. Our products are based on framework that is unique to what they cater yet, common on the ground and built with utmost care.

Highly Customizable

All our themes/plugins come with features and usability functionalities that are very powerful yet simple to use. Our products give power to your hands, so that everything you create is unique to you.

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We have been fortunate enough to have these kind words from our clients. Try for yourself to see.

Came here for Whitish Lite, only to be amazed by their beautiful themes.


Awesome theme. So clean and simple. Love it.


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