You should configure customizer options in Customize on admin sidebar. Or you can choose customizer option from Appearance Menu in the dashboard.

1. Site Identity:

You can add the logo, favicon, site title and site tagline from this section.

2. Colors:

  1. Header Color: You can choose your site title and tagline’s color from color picker.
  2. Anchor Text Color: The text with links or anchor tag on the theme will be changed by changing the anchor text color option.
  3. Anchor Text Color Hover (Color Links Hover): The text with links or anchor tag on the theme which is changed by changing the anchor text color option,its color will be changed on hover according to the color added by this option.
  4. Background Color: You can change the background color of the site from this option.


3. General Options:

The General Options consist

  • Excerpt
  • Pagination Options
  • Blog Options
  • Single Post Option


a. Excerpt:

The excerpt section consists of excerpt length and excerpt ending.The excerpt length changes the length of the content of posts in home or archive pages.The excerpt ending changes the ending of the sentence in home or archive pages.

b. Pagination Options:

The pagination options change the pagination structure.There are two choices for pagination,default or numeral.


c. Blog Options:

The Blog Options consists of three options,’Show published Date’,’Show Author’,’Show Comments’.The ‘Show published Date’ option hides/shows the date field in the archive/home page posts.The ‘Show Author’ option hides/shows the author field in archive/home page posts.The ‘Show Comments’ option hide/show the comment field in the archive/home page.


d. Single Post Option:

This section consists of three options,’Full Width’,’With Left Sidebar’ and ‘With Right Sidebar’.the options basically changes the layout of the single post page.If ‘Full width’ is selected then the single post page will not have a sidebar and if ‘With Left Sidebar’ is selected then the page will have a sidebar on the left side of the content. If  ‘With Right Sidebar’ is selected then the sidebar will be placed on the right side of the page.