New pages can be added by clicking pages on admin dashboard and can be assigned to various
templates on the right side.


Page Templates
There are various page templates that you can choose.

  1. Default Template ( Default Template with right sidebar )
  2. Home-Template(Front page of the theme ) – Theme’s designed home page
  3. Full-Width Template – (Without sidebar) – Can be used to build an own customized page using Builder plugins.


Home Template

  1. The top part of home template consists of the slider, mid-section and blog section.
  2. The slides can be added by selecting the category in customizer’s option.
  3. The mid-section consists of two blocks.
  4. The left block consists of the audio playlist which can be added by selecting audio post format while creating posts and adding an audio file from add media option.
  5. The right block consists of posts which are displayed by selecting the category from mid-section.sungitlite-featuredpostshome
  6. The blog section consists of a maximum of 8 posts which is displayed in slides. All the post except the category selected in mid-section and slider section is displayed in the blog section. The title, featured image and posted date are displayed for each post.sungitlite-latestpostshome