How to build a Job Board website in WordPress?


Here we will guide you to build a job board WordPress website. We have covered the general basic steps that are required for building any kind of WordPress websites.

In this digital era, a job board website not only helps to connect the job seekers with companies but it also works as a great platform for the people who are looking to hire the right candidates. In general terms, candidates and companies can create their own profiles and start their search for talent or job opportunities. The process starts with companies posting information about job openings like job roles with details like years of experience, qualifications and similar kind of things. Then candidates respond thereby sending their resumes. There are several job board website that covers all the industrial jobs as well as other niche-based jobs( the ones that are meant for only a certain type of job/industry).

So are you ready to learn the basic things that are done for creating a job board WordPress website?

Few things to consider before building a Job board website

Before launching any website, it’s important to ask yourself what are your goals as an administrator of the new resource. What are you hoping to accomplish with a job board website besides connecting the job seekers and employers together?

Here are some examples of common goals for a job board might have:

  • Increasing traffic to your website so that more people can learn about your organization and services
  • Growing your email subscriber list so you can stay in touch with more people and increase user
  • Helping businesses with a major challenge in hiring
  • Improving the perception of your brand
  • Target sponsors for your organization

By setting realistic goals, you’ll be more poised for success long term. And the goals and aim of the job board or any other website always depend on the kind of website you are focusing to build.

Build a Job Board WordPress website using Robojob theme

Get a Domain name

Picking the right domain name is one of the most important thing to do before you build any kind of website. In addition to defining your site, your domain name plays a vital role. In simpler words, it represents the things that you will keep on your websites. Suppose that you are making a fashion store website then the domain name should reflect or should be similar to it. There are a few reliable methods that you can use to make your domain name as effective as possible. For instance, you can research strong keywords to incorporate into your content or use a blog name generator to get ideas. Also, it would be better to use catchy and easy to remember domain names.

Choose a hosting plan

Web hosting is considered as the home of your websites as it stores various data’s, information and files in your web server. You have the freedom to choose different kinds of plans that a hosting server provides. If you need some ideas, you can take a look at the best hosting service providers like BluehostSitegroundWPEngineDigital OceanKinsta and more.

Selecting a niche-focused Job Board WordPress Theme

WordPress offers many free/premium themes. The free themes are available with limited features whereas premium themes come with extended features. There are many themes as well as plugins that will help you to create a listing website. For example, Robolist is a theme best directory WordPress theme for listing and directory website. With the best companion of WP Job Manager Plugin, you can easily add a list of any professions. Such as business agencies, corporate sites, hotels, real estate and so on.

Installation/ activation of WP Job Manager plugin

For any kind of Job Board WordPress website the installation/activation of WP Job Manager WordPress plugin is necessary. It is a core plugin that is free to use. After installing it on your WordPress website, you can then begin publishing job listings on your website, as well as give your visitors the ability to submit their own vacancies. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the WordPress back end as well as with your theme of choice on the front end.

Know little about Robojob Job board WordPress theme

Robojob Lite theme


RoboJob comes with the complete out of box WP Job Manager plugin. It allows you to add additional functionality to your website. Other than that, the theme is a free best Job board/ Job listing WordPress theme that offers endless numbers of extensions which provides unlimited possibilities to customize the theme in any condition.

In addition to that, this free job board/listing WordPress theme is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. It also includes Search Form in the banner section. The theme will be the greatest help to the users to search/filter the preferable job right away. Not only that it offers a front end job and resume/CV submission option.

Theme Details    Documentation of Robojob Lite       Super-friendly Support 

Robojob Pro theme


The premium version of Robojob is also suitable for a large or small niche-focused job listing or recruiting website where you can manage jobs, candidates, employers and so on in one single website. Moreover, it comes with

It is powered by WP Job Manager Plugin. This plugin enables you to add extra functionalities in your WordPress job website as it comes with lots of extensions. Furthermore, this premium theme is highly optimized in terms of both SEO and Speed which helps your website rank in the Google Search Engine.

Documentation of Robojob Pro

Before you think of using the Robojob theme there are certain thing that needs to be done which I am going to mention below:

Download Robojob Theme

If you want to use the lite version of Robojob then you can download it from here:

Download theme

And for the premium version of the theme, you have to purchase it from Code Themes.

After purchasing you will receive an e-mail that contains all the necessary files. The first thing to do is open up your email and download the necessary files from there. In case of free theme, you will get it directly after downloading it.

So I was saying you will get 2 different kinds of files i.e Package file & Theme only.

The “Package file” consists of the theme, plugins, and documentation whereas the “Theme only” file is the one that will be uploaded in the theme section.


To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For more information of installing the WordPress platform, please visit the WordPress Codex article on installation.


There are basically two methods to install the theme:

  • FTP Upload:
    Using your FTP program, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes*/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload:
    Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance> Themes and activate your chosen theme.


For Robojob Lite

Recommended Plugins

  • WP Job Manager
  • Contact Form 7
  • User Role Editor

For Robojon Pro Theme

Bulk Install of Required plugins


You can import the demo with the help of a one-click demo importer.

And to do that first you need to go to the theme’s landing page “Appearance” or you should simply click on “One-Click Demo Import”. The installation process takes time from 3-5mins. You will receive a confirmation text after finishing the process.

Now your site will look like the demo. If it doesn’t look like it then certainly you first need to assign a “Homepage” & to do that Navigate>Apperence>Customize>Static FrontPage. After that, you need to assign the Homepage as Static FrontPage.

(Note: If you want to make changes the way you want then visit the Theme documentation of Robojob)

Wrapping Up!

These are the basic things to do to build a job board WordPress website. You also can select Robojob or any other theme that fulfills the requirement of your website. For any queries feel free to connect with us.



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