How to create online course with WordPress using LearnPress Plugin?

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

In this session, we are going to show you the simple steps to How to create online course with WordPress using LearnPress Plugin? With the steps, you can easily create an e-learning website or online schools or universities. Trust me on this, your site will be nonetheless than popular e-learning websites like Coursera, udemy, codecademy and others.

What is LMS?

Learning Management System is a type of e-learning that delivers and manages all types of educational courses and training programs. Not only educational or online institutions but many other enterprises, non-profit organizations, government sectors or agencies, are using LMS for providing training, courses, orientation, instruction, discussion boards and much more. With LMS you can create lessons, or courses, deliver them to your students and track students attendance and performance. As it is suitable for discussion boards, both students and teachers can exchange their feedbacks as well.

LearnPress- WordPress LMS plugin

LearnPress is one the best free WordPress LMS plugin which enables you to create a course and sell them via their online educational website. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows creating a course syllabus and curriculum. What’s more, it contains both free and premium add-ons which, undoubtedly, helps to craft an online education website more functional.

Steps to create online course with WordPress using LearnPress Plugin

In order to create online course with WordPress using LearnPress plugin, first of all, you need education or LMS WordPress theme. Why WordPress? Because it is an open source content management system that offers various free and premium WordPress themes, which are easy to customize and any users can configure the theme settings and craft a website without writing a single line of coding. Further, there are several WordPress plugins, that has various includes and functionalities to make the website building task more efficient and make it more powerful.

Let’s get to the point, you will get different free and premium education WordPress themes in most popular WordPress theme directory and respectively. Now, the main part, which type of education or LMS WordPress theme you want to select for your e-learning website. There are free themes which are doing great that most of the premium education or LMS WordPress website. Similarly, if your project is big and the features and functionalities are not enough to meet your need, then it is better to go for premium LMS or education WordPress themes. If I am not wrong then too many choices paralyze our decision. It’s just not you only, this happens to us as well. For your convenience, I have taken care of this part. There is one LMS or education WordPress theme that perfectly needs to your needs. That is Education Park Pro, premium WordPress theme.

Why Education Park Pro?

Because Education Park Pro is one of the best premium LMS or Education WordPress themes. It is a perfect platform for creating school, university, college, training programs, skills development classed, institutions or any kind of educational orientated website. The theme comes with all the essential customization options, that allows you to create LMS site without worrying about a single line of code. For the further flexibility and usability, it has drag and drop which lets you manage and arrange sections on the home page. Another reason is, this theme is integrated with LearnPress Plugin, which enables you to create a course, a quick inquiry of the course and also add the bio of the respective course teacher. Likewise, Education Park is compatible with WooCommerce plugin, which means you can sell courses, and other e-learning materials, audiobooks, and so on.

Creating online course using Education Park Pro (WordPress theme) and LearnPress plugin

Installing Education Park Pro- LMS or education WordPress theme

Once you have purchased a theme, you will receive an email which contains all the necessary files.

First, open up your email and download the necessary files. Now, remember there are different files available for download.

Let’s take a look at what they all are.

The one that reads “Package” is a package file. It has the theme, the plugins, and documentation inside it.

The other one is “Theme Only” file. This is what needs to be uploaded to your “themes” section.

Purchase Education Pro Pro Here

After purchasing, then comes installation.

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex article on installation.


The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:

  • FTP Upload:
    Using your FTP program, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes*/ folder on your server.
  • WordPress Upload:
    Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance> Themes and activate your chosen theme.

Then, install required and recommended plugin, i.e Yudlee Themes Essentials, Contact Form 7, and LearnPress. Then activate it. Go to plugins>Install plugins>Activate

Full documentation of Education Park Pro

Add New Course

Click on the course option and then go to Add New Course. There you can add courses as much as you want.

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Further, you can add course categories, course title, and description, course instructor, the price of course and image from Add New Course.

Or, if you find add new categories from Add New section, then you can simply add courses categories from Courses>Courses Categories>Name>Add New Categories. You can add a description as well.

You can customize course from course options. First, go to theme options>course options.  There you will get numbers of customizer options. Listed as:-

  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Course Category
  • No. of courses to show
  • Link Test
  • Course Single Page Contact Title
  • Course Single Page Contact Description

To set the Course Enquiry. Go to single course page>take this course and click submit.

The process to add Course page Sidebar:

The sidebar is not mandatory on the website but it helps to provide further information. It also helps to display contents beside the main content creating multiple layout options like right sidebar, left sidebar layouts for the users.  The sidebar includes a list of pages, popular articles, recent articles and so on. You can also use the sidebar to display advertising of other parties.

To add a course page sidebar in the single page course is a very easy task. All you need to go to Appearance>Widgets

Then click Education Park Course Page Sidebar and drag and drop widgets from Education Park Right Sidebar to Course Page Sidebar. See the clarified picture below.

This is how it seems after adding Widgets.

How to manage Course Archive?

Course archive page contains category at the top and all course list below the category.

In order to view the course archive, simply click on course on the home page.

After redirect to the course page, one can find links Course in the breadcrumb and click on it.

For example:

Below is the image for course page.

Or, You can also add a course using LearnPress Plugin

First Install LearnPress Plugin, then activate it. After activating, you can see LearnPress on the top left side of the Admin Panel Click it, you will see various options.

Then click  Course>Add New Course

create LMS site using LearnPress plugincreate LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Then, start adding your Course. You can also add further information like Course Description, Course Duration, Price, Maximum Students, Course Result, Feature Image, Author and Review Logs.

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

From Course Settings,  you can set Course Duration, Assessment, Pricing, Review Logs, and Author.

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Then Click Publish.

After clicking Publishing, it course appears like this,

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

If you wish to Add category of your course. Then, simply  Click Category>Add new Category.

Then add name of course category and description, then click add new course category. 

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

After clicking add New Course Category,

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Then go back to course, then select the desired course which you want to be categorized. One the Course Category you will the name of the course category you have just created. 

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Select that course category, click publish then it appears like this,

create LMS site using LearnPress plugin

Yeah, now your site is ready to roll. Your students can take a lesson from your LMS Site.


I hope now, you can create online course with WordPress using LearnPress Plugin. You can add further possibilities by using LearnPress add-ons. Still confused, then feel free to write in our comment section.


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