Mediciti- Premium health and medical WordPress theme

Premium health and medical WordPress theme

Here we are going to review our new and popular medical WordPress theme “Mediciti” which is one of the best premium health and medical WordPress themes. Moreover, through this article, you can also get certain ideas about its theme options and some basic tutorials to use them.

Introduction of Mediciti- Premium health and medical WordPress theme

It is surely the newest and trendy premium health and medical WordPress theme for hospitals, pharmacy, lab, health centers, doctors, and so on. You will get the testimonials section to show the proof of your work and win the trust of your client or patients.  It is the WP theme that blasts all difficulties out of the water, it is powered by Elementor Page Builder and Layout Pro Plugin, necessary to establish the online presence of your website, giving you the power to control the website from header to footer- without having to write a single line of tempering coding.

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What makes Mediciti- Best medical WordPress theme for hospitals special?

Probably the best part of this theme is it contains tons of features and functionalities. In just $59, you will get the two major premium plugins, WP Custom Post types and Elementor Add-ons; in order to take your medical website into the next level. Let’s check out the main features of Mediciti WP theme.

  • Elementor Page Builder Plugin:- It is one of the most prominent page builder plugins, which has offered ample elements. You can simply drag and drop them to create a page of your desire.
  • Layout Pro Plugin:- This premium WordPress plugin is created by the Yudlee Themes itself that provides main menu widgets, header widgets, footer widgets, pre-footer widgets, and typography. The most dominating functionality of this plugin, that you can effortlessly convert a free theme into the premium/pro, without losing any data.
  • WP Custom Post Types and Elementor Add-ons:- Contains 6 different custom post types to showcase your services
  • One Click Demo Importer:- No need to start from the scratch, as this premium health and medical theme has one click demo importer. A single click is enough to import beautifully created demo website.
  • Appointment Form:- With the help of WeForms plugin, you can efficiently create appointment form. So that your client could easily take an appointment in case of urgency.

Review of Mediciti- Premium health and medical WordPress theme

As you can see, Mediciti is a large pool of plugins, post types and other features and functionalities. But the main question over here is whether you can configure the given customization options of Mediciti or not in order to create a medical website. Being a non-technical person,  I would say that the theme developer has done a great job by providing the uttermost flexibility in terms of the customizing options. One with the basic knowledge of computer and internet can easily set up the theme, make good use of the plugins, build elements, theme options, and so on. If you want to know more about Mediciti’s theme options, post types, and its usage, then down below I have briefly pointed out them.

You can customize this medical in two ways.

  • With the help of the given customization/theme options
  • Elementor page builder plugin (Custom elements and post types)

Setting up Mediciti- premium medical WordPress theme

After purchasing, downloading and activating Mediciti, go to the admin dashboard>appearance>about Mediciti. There will get the information about this WordPress theme, about plugins and one-click demo importer option. You must install and activate all the necessary plugins then only you can use the full functionality of this premium health and medical WordPress theme. As I have mentioned above it has one click demo importer option. Mediciti offers beautifully and graphically polished demo data. If you don’t want to start from scratch, a click is enough to import it and your site will be ready in no time. Or, our theme options are there, which allows building a site as your preference.

Customizing Theme options of Mediciti

Premium Health and Medical WordPress themes, Mediciti

This is the customizer options of the Mediciti. As the theme has WordPress Customizer, you see the changes happening in real life. (Time-saving, isn’t it? :))

The home page of the theme can be set up from theme options. Go to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find similar settings for the sections. It contains the following options as well:-

Premium medical WordPress themes for hospitals

***Note:- You will get Header Options, Typography, and Pre Footer Widget after Installing and Activating Lay Out Pro Plugin. 


From Header Options, you can select 6 different Header layouts for now. (More are coming soon). Likewise, you can Show/Hide Add Image / Video Background, Make Menu Transparent, Make Sticky Menu as well.

For eg, If you select any one Header Layouts, it appears like this,

If you select another one it seems like this,

Premium medical WordPress themes for hospitals


From General Options, you can Show/Hide Sidebar and Meta for the blog page. Similarly, you can either select Full-Width Layout or Or Boxed Design Layout.

Single Page Form Options

From these options, you can add form in the single. So that your patients could easily contact you via this appointment form.

First, you need to create a page from Departments and Doctors from the backend.

First, go to dashboard>Department>Add New Department then add a title, description, featured image and click publish. 

After that, you need to create a form. ** For that you must install and activate WeForms plugin.

Then go to weForms and click Add New Form, Then select the desired form

Let’s say you picked, Contact form. There you can see shortcodes, copy it and paste it in Department Form Shortcode.

Now go to appearance>customize>theme options>single page form options>paste that shortcode in Department Form Shortcode. 

It appears like this one single page,

Click Contact Us, the form you just created appears.

Repeat the same process for Team Form shortcode as well. The only difference is you need to create a Team from the Doctors. After that, all process is the same.


With the help of this option, you can change the font of the Title and Body. Click on the arrow and select the one you prefer.

Pre Footer Widgets

From these options, you can show/hide pre footer widgets on the home page. And also choose the widget column.

Elementor page builder plugin (Custom elements and post types)

Mediciti comes equipped with the powerful drag and drop page builder, Elementor. With this WordPress page builder, you can create the new pages or edit the demo content as well.

Let’s check out the basic steps to create a site with Elementor.

Premium health and Medical WordPress themes


Go to Page>Add New Page>Edit with Elementor. There you can find a handful of elements, along with our Custom Elementor elements. Simply drag and drop the elements, you want to set on the home page and click publish.

If you want to learn the whole elements and features of Elementor and steps to use them, then go through the quick guided tour video

WP Custom Post Types and Elementor Add-ons

Why Custom Post Types? Because it grants extra functionalities on your medical website. Think of some extension you will probably get the one, if not then, it’s not hard to create. But in order to use them, first, install and activate WP Custom Post Type and Elementor Add-ons for WPCPT plugins. Then only, you can use these elements.

Here,  I have shown a step to use one of the add-ons as there are too many. I hope that looking at the video below will clearly give you an idea about what all you can do further.


**Repeat the same process for other post types and add-ons as well. 


So, this is it. I have almost covered out the main features of the Mediciti. By simply looking over them, it seems like the team developer has provided the utmost flexibility in terms of customization. The codes are standard and clean. One of the best parts, this medical WordPress theme is very easy to use and you can run a full-fledged in no time.

I hope this content provides a certain idea about our premium health and medical WordPress theme and probably cleared out the decision to select Mediciti for your next medical based projects.

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  • Introduction of Mediciti-premium health and medical WordPress theme
  • Main Features
  • Review of Mediciti
  • Setting up (customizing theme options and Use of Elementor Page builder plugin and its add-ons
  • Conclusion


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