Step by Step Guide for Launching a Travel Website with WordPress


Launching a travel website with WordPress is a piece of cake. Either a techie or non-techie, with WordPress you will be able to initiate travel or any other kind of website effortlessly.

Share your travel stories by building an elegant travel WordPress website.

WordPress is the perfect CMS for travel bloggers because it’s easy to set up and there are lots of resources to help. You can create your own travel blog ready for you to share those breathtaking journeys and adventures in no time.

This article will take you through what you need to do to set up your own travel blog and ad some functionality that will take your travel blog to the next level and make your stories come alive for your readers. Let’s get started.

Must-have Features for launching travel website in WordPress

For a launching, a travel website, or any kind of website in WordPress you need various kinds of features that will help you enrich your customers and make a smooth functioning website. Some of the required features are mentioned below:

  • Allowing Online Booking and Travel Reservations

When it comes to featuring a travel website, nowadays online booking has been an important service that most of the consumers seek. And a website without that service will fail in this digital era. Exploring the travel options from home has been like a popular trend or thing that all of us do now. And building a website with flexible booking and reservation systems will make your website successful. With WordPress, you will get a number of options in choosing the best system to integrate it with your website. For example, Opal Hotel Booking, Hotel Booking Lite, WP Booking systems, AweBooking Hotel Booking System, are some of them. They come with great functionalities and integrates seamlessly to the property website and gives clients the ability to book reservations, packages, and offers directly from the website.

  • Showcasing your travel packages

The most important thing that helps you to reach out to your customers is a proper display of tours or travel packages. Along with the accommodation you need to show every detail in it. You must also offer them attractive and compelling tour packages. Another thing to keep in mind is you must be able to clearly communicate to your customers what your services are, how they are different from others, what are the advantages of traveling with you, and what unique experience you are offering your customers. If you manage to put these details on your site then definitely you will be able to make a huge sale through your website. The most popular plugin to add tours, travel packages are the WP Travel, WP travel engine, etc. With this, you can now add trips, destinations, activities, and highlight them in a matter of minutes.

WP Travel Engine Details 

  • Google Map Integration

Incorporating Google Maps into your travel website makes it easy for travelers to research about the places they want to explore and interests surrounding their destination. And this can result in additional bookings for the tours. Suppose a customer is searching for a hotel option, and using Google Maps discovers a cultural excursion only a few blocks from a certain hotel. This ultimately leads to better chances of selecting that particular hotel by the customer. And you can take the help of the various plugins provided by WordPress for this such as WP Google Maps and many others.

  • Reliable Payment Gateways

A payment gateway gives a travel company the ability to accept payments 24/7 and a reliable source is important for both service providers and consumers. In the travel industry, accepting online payments is taking your business to the next level and bringing flexibility in the business. The more flexible and comfortable the customers feel the more stable a business becomes. And there are many payment gateways that will help in easing your work. For example, Bank Transfer, PayPal express, etc

Steps to follow for building a travel a website with WordPress

  1. Get Domain Name
  2. Choose Hosting Plan
  3. Select the travel theme and install plugins
  • Get Domain Name

While choosing a domain name you must be careful about one thing i.e. domain name must be relevant to your products or services. You are selling one type of product, but your domain name denotes something else. Then what’s the use of having that domain name which propels away your visitors? You always need to make sure that your domain name and your site matches with each other.

  • Choosing a Hosting Plan

Before purchasing any hosting you need to do a little bit of research by yourself just to be sure on which one fits you the best.  Generally, hosting plans start as low as $5/month and it’s better to do a bit of research and choose a company that has good reviews and reliable uptime. Well, you can also take a look at web hosting service providers like BluehostSitegroundWPEngineDigital OceanKinsta, and more. Not to worry, you can choose any of them that fits your website’s requirements.

  • Select a travel theme and install/activate necessary plugins

Now is the time to select a perfect WordPress theme that fits your website goals. You will get hundreds of free travel WordPress themes in the market. If you really don’t have any idea where to find free themes then is one of the best places to visit. It’s best to go with the travel WordPress theme that is integrated with the WP travel engine plugin that provides flexible options. It allows the user to book the travel packages easily and display them in a clean, attractive way.

Traversify one of the best Travel theme: WordPress

Traversify Premium


A premium travel WordPress theme that comes with available with 2 demos is Traversify. It comes with additional functionalities such as global site layout option, multiple theme layout, custom site width, font family options (Google Fonts), slider custom post type, multiple choices for home sections, custom post types, advanced search and many more. Not to worry this premium travel WordPress theme Traversify Pro is also optimized with best SEO practices. The theme is user-friendly and is also available in most popular web browsers.

Major features of this travel WordPress theme:

  • Global Site Layout Option
  • Mutiple Theme Layout
  • Custom Site Width
  • Font Family Options (Google Fonts)
  • Slider Custom Post Type
  • Multiple choices for home sections
  • Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Search

Traversify Pro Details    Theme Documentation of Pro       Super-friendly support

Traversify Lite


Built-in for travels, adventures, tour planners as well as tourist guides, Traversify is a free travel WordPress themes. It also can be applicable for adventure blogs, tourists destination, travel magazines, and many more. Integrated with  WP travel engine plugin that allows the user to book the travel packages easily and display them in a clean, attractive way. Traversify theme is fully responsive, SEO friendly, and cross-browser compatible. The WordPress travel agency theme is translation ready as it is very important for the travel industry to be able to communicate in different languages. This free WordPress theme is made from scratch to meet the WordPress standards.

Key Features of Traversify travel WordPress theme

  • Integrated with WP Travel Engine plugin
  • Clean and attractive design
  • Responsive layouts and designs
  • Optimized with SEO best practices
  • Cross-browser compatible

Traversify Lite Theme Documentation  

Downloading and installing the Traversify theme

You will receive a mail after purchasing the theme. It consists of 2 different files i.e. Package file & Theme only.

The “Package file” consists of the theme, plugins, and documentation whereas the “Theme only” file is the one that will be uploaded in the theme section.

To install this travel WordPress theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed.

The theme files can be uploaded in two ways:

  1. FTP Upload: Using your FTP program, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes*/ folder on your server.
  2. WordPress Upload: Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload. Go to browse, and select the zipped theme folder. Hit “Install Now” and the theme will be uploaded and installed.

After uploading the theme, you need to activate it, and for that first Go to Appearance> Themes and activate your chosen theme.

(Note: It’s necessary to upload only the theme file but not the entire package) 

Required plugins for Traversify Theme

Bulk Installation:

  • Elementor
  • Premium Elementor Add-ons For WP Travel-Engine
  • WP Travel Engine – Trip Search
  • WP Travel Engine
  • One-Click Demo Import

* Note:- Please install all the required plugins in order to import the demo content. 

Wrapping Up!

These are the things to perform for launching a travel website with WordPress. Also, you can build one with Traversify theme or any other travel WordPress theme. Also, you can select any other themes depending on your business firm type and it’s requirements. Feel free to connect with us if you have any queries.


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