Sungit Lite Documentation

Getting Started

Installing The Theme

Installing The Theme via WordPress Dashboard

To Install a Theme via WordPress Dashboard follow these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel & Log in (Ex:
  2. Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New
  3. From top, Click on Upload Theme
  4. Choose the ZIP file you’ve downloaded & Click Install Now
  5. Click on Activate to active the theme

If you are a visual learner, you can watch this video tutorial about How To Install a Theme

Installing The Theme via FTP

To install a WordPress Theme via FTP, follow these steps:

We will be using Filezilla

  1. Open Filezilla
  2. Enter the FTP account details provided by your web host in Host, Username & Password field
                          Host: Server hostname (
                          Username: Your Username
                          Password: Your Password
  3. Once connected, you’ll see two panes.
                          Left Pane (Local Site): Shows the files on your computer
                          Right Pane (Remote Site): Shows the files currently on the web server.
  4. Locate your root folder (Ex: public_html)
  5. Extract the theme file; drag & drop the unzipped theme folder to wp-content/themes directory.
  6. If you’re done uploading files, to disconnect just click the disconnect icon
  7. Activate the theme from Appearance -> Themes

If you are a visual learner, follow Video tutorial about How To Use FTP To Upload Files To WordPress

Theme Installation

Theme Installation

Install theme via WordPress Admin Panel
1. Open WordPress admin panel (navigate through a web browser to the folder where you have installed the WordPress e.g. ) and go Appearance > Themes on admin sidebar.

2. Click Add New link and click Upload Theme link.
3. Activate Charity Review theme.

4. Set Discussion settings in Settings > Discussion.
5. Change image sizes in Settings > Media.
6. You should ensure that a non-default permalink setting is selected, e.g. Post name in Settings > Permalinks.

Plugin Installation

Plugin Installation

After Installing and activating the theme you will see the following message at the top of the admin dashboard page. This theme recommends few following plugins. Click the begin installing plugins link which will redirect to Install Required Plugins page. To install them just check all of them and from the drop down select install once.

Even so, it’s not mandatory to install these plugins as they won’t be affecting the overall functionality of the site.


Recommended Plugins:

Page Builder Sandwich: Page Builder Sandwich is quite possibly the last page builder you’ll ever need. With its front-end drag and drop capabilities, Page Builder Sandwich allows you to create and design your site the way your visitors see it. Get access to numerous features such as short code mapping, hassle-free and pop up-less editing, and more. With us, you’re sure to have a page building experience like no other.

Build The Site

Build the site

Before building your site you need to configure WordPress and the plugins. Please read carefully Theme Installation/Plugin Configuration.

WordPress Configuration

You can adjust WordPress settings as follows:

  1. You can set Site Title in Settings > General.
  2. You can set Blog pages to show at most in Settings > Reading.
  3. You can select Front Page and Posts Page in Settings > Reading.
  4. You can set Discussion settings in Settings > Discussion.
  5. You can change image sizes in Settings > Media.
  6. You should ensure that a non-default permalink setting is selected, e.g. Post name in Settings > Permalinks.



Site Layout

Site Layout:

The Sungit Lite is designed in a way that the whole site can be optimized easily from Customizer. And these changes will be applied throughout the entire site.

For customizing the theme options, login to your WordPress site’s admin, go to Appearance > customize.

The customizer comprises of

  1. Theme Options
  2. Site Identity
  3. Colors
  4. Header Image
  5. Background Image
  6. Menus
  7. Widgets
  8. Static Front Page


Theme Options

The theme option is the section which changes most of the home page features and consists of the following section:

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options

  1. Social Options
  2. Slider Options
  3. Mid Section
  4. Blog Options
  5. Footer Options
  6. Custom CSS


1. Social Options

The ‘twitter’, ‘facebook’, ‘google+’, ‘youtube’, ‘instagram’, ‘pinterest’, ‘tumblr’, ‘linkedin’ has respective text fields where the respective links are to be kept in order to be displayed while clicking on the icons.


2. Slider Options

Slider Options consists of category select option and number of the slider to be displayed option. Only the posts with the selected category are displayed in the slider. The number of sliders determines the number of slides to be displayed. The slider will only be displayed on the front page and Blog page.


3. Mid Section

The Mid Section consists of Block title, Subtitle and Category select field. Only the posts with the selected category are displayed in mid-section.


4. Blog Options

The Blog Options consists of Block title and Subtitle text field. It changes the blog section’s title and subtitles respectively in the Front Page.

5. Footer Section

It consists of a text field which is used in the footer.


6. Custom CSS

If you want to tweak your website by adding some of your own CSS then custom CSS is the perfect place.




If you are new to WordPress, please visit WordPress Menu User Guide

There are one predefined theme menu locations in Sungit Lite

  • Primary Menu – Primary Menu appears is the Main Navigation which appears in the header of the site.




New pages can be added by clicking pages on admin dashboard and can be assigned to various
templates on the right side.


Page Templates
There are various page templates that you can choose.

  1. Default Template ( Default Template with right sidebar )
  2. Home-Template(Front page of the theme ) – Theme’s designed home page
  3. Full-Width Template – (Without sidebar) – Can be used to build an own customized page using Builder plugins.


Home Template

  1. The top part of home template consists of the slider, mid-section and blog section.
  2. The slides can be added by selecting the category in customizer’s option.
  3. The mid-section consists of two blocks.
  4. The left block consists of the audio playlist which can be added by selecting audio post format while creating posts and adding an audio file from add media option.
  5. The right block consists of posts which are displayed by selecting the category from mid-section.sungitlite-featuredpostshome
  6. The blog section consists of a maximum of 8 posts which is displayed in slides. All the post except the category selected in mid-section and slider section is displayed in the blog section. The title, featured image and posted date are displayed for each post.sungitlite-latestpostshome



Creating posts
Step 1: Navigate to Posts in your WordPress admin sidebar.
Step 2: Click on the Add New option to make a new post. Create a title, and insert your post content
in the editing field.
Step 3: Select Post Format from the right side.

Step 4: Add categories from the right side. To assign it to the post, check the box next to the category
Step 5: Add tags from the right side. Type the name of the tag in the field, separate multiple tags with
Step 6: you can add featured image. To do so, first click the featured image box, select an image and
click, the set featured image button.


There are four widget areas in Sungit Lite. You can add widgets in Sidebar which is displayed in
homepage and other pages. In footer region, you can add widgets in three different widget areas.